The first step in any request for treatment is to carry out a full consultation. Treatment cannot be provided without the vet having seen and diagnosed the horse but an examination prior to any treatment can be provided. 


A pre-veterinary visit can be beneficial in determining whether there is anything helpful that can be done prior to veterinary treatment. Any treatment will need to be approved by a vet to comply with legal regulations.


Typically Liz will take a full case history which will involve discussion of the horse previous to the onset of the problem or issue (if known) and will then make an examination of your animal at rest, walk, trot and canter (if able). Where possible she will also ask to see your horse ridden or driven 

especially if problems are known to manifest under training or competition conditions. 


Once a diagnosis has been arrived at, Liz will work with the vet and any other appropriate professional services to implement a full treatment programme.

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