Q: Will you treat my horse without it being seen by a vet?
No. I can carry out an initial consultation without a vet being present but any diagnosis and treatment must be carried out in conjunction with a vet to comply with the Veterinary Exemptions Act and also liability insurance requirements.
Q: I am not a horse rider but have been told I need to see an Osteopath. Can you treat me?
Yes. Whilst I have a specialism in horses and riders I am qualified to treat any individual.
Q: How long will it take / how many treatments will my horse need?
It will depend upon the initial diagnosis, the extent of the injury and how it manifests in movement. If it is a specific injury I would normally expect treatment to last 4 - 6 weeks. Post desmotomy it would be approximately 3 months. This would not involve daily treatment by me but would be a course of treatment in conjunction with the owner providing exercise or at the Hartpury Equine Centre.
Q: Do you work across the whole of the UK?
Yes, I work locally, nationally and internationally at all levels.
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